Nicolas Mesnier
Nicolas Mesnier, PhD

I am a teacher of mechanical engineering (Professeur agrégé in GPGE) still interested in developing research in continuum mechanics and mechanobiology of living media to solve new emerging problems in biology & health.

Fields of interest

Personnal data

Born October 27, 1982 in France. French & European citizen.
In a civil union. 2 children (2014, 2017).


Academic experience

2019– Qualified engineering teacher in GPGE MPSI and PCSI (undergrad. sect.), lycée Jean Perrin, Lyon, France.
2012–2019 Qualified engineering teacher in GPGE PTSI, lycée Jules Ferry, Versailles, France.
2011–2012 Teaching & Research associate (ATER), Grenoble IT—ENSE3 & 3S-R lab., Grenoble, France.
2008–2011 Teaching assistant, Grenoble IT—ENSE3, Grenoble, France.
2007–2011 Research assistant, TIMC-IMAG lab., Grenoble, France.
2006–2008 Normalien (member of the ENS), Electromechanical dept., ENS Rennes (formely part of ENS Cachan), Bruz, France.
2005–2006 Graduate researcher, LTDS lab., Saint-Étienne, France.

Honors & Awards



location: (near) Lyon, France
e-mail: nmesnier (at) free (dot) fr
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